Finishing new work

October 18th 2017

Breaking the silence a little bit. After writing and recording, and writing and recording some more. Things are coming along. I’ve continued doing commercial things for TV, I’m building a new studio and expanding my home. Just saying. Things are moving ahead. So all in all, all in all are well (y),..

Pre order!

April 25th 2014

New album ´Together´ (Embassy of Music) out on May 2nd 2014

For Germany, Switzerland and Austria, pre-order the album now and get the single ´In Bits and Pieces´ instantly!:


Click to watch the new video “In Bits and Pieces” (official video) here:



March 14

March 11th 2014

Hey friends. Time for a quick update.

These days, as the international release of ‘Together’ is approaching, I am here in Copenhagen helping my friend, the childrens tv icon #Hr. Skæg, cracking the code of making math fun and relevant. As we did a very successful album about letters, it seems to be somewhat more of a challange doing the same with basic math. But being able to be part of reaching the kids, is a big privilege.

And while the single ‘In Bits And Pieces’ is being played on the radio in Germany and the video is being shot, we are preparing to play shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in May. David, Ida and I. This is a whole new setup, so we are inventing parts and having fun with it. I hope to a lot of you out there,..

The other day I heard from my good friend in Stuttgart, that the great venue ‘galao’ risks closing, and he asked me if I could do a song to help raise awareness of the situation. Which of course I did. This is what I came up with.


That’s it for now. Hope you are all good and well out there!!




House of lies

March 5th 2013

Hey hey. Happy story!

The ng* track SHIFT TO REVERSE is used in the ‘Showtime’ series HOUSE OF LIES.

It will air on March 10th at 10pm LA time,..

Check this out! n*grandjean first aussie review!

June 16th 2012–Fairly-Young